FTATR 160 – Ocean Machine: Biomech by Devin Townsend

For Those About To Rock show

Summary: <a href="http://www.simplysyndicated.com/ftatr-160-ocean-machine-biomech-by-devin-townsend/ocean-machine-cover/" rel="attachment wp-att-15236"></a><br> Stand in Mathwin brings us some Devin Townsend. A highly talented and still relatively young fella. A musicians musician. Now I don't want to just blow my wad and give Dev head but I think the guy may be some kind of genius. Or a super villain. Well he looks like a super villain. Welcome to Dev's hollowed out volcano.<br>  <br> <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ocean-Machine-Biomech-Devin-Townsend/dp/B000053ZY4">Get some Devin in your life.</a><br>