Sermon "Images And Liars"

Online Church - Church Of Truth And Spirit show

Summary: Lady Gaga Applause,Tatoos,Images,Liars _____________________________________________ Glory to God to all who are online subscribers/members of the Church Of Truth And Spirit. We thank all you who have came from Asia to Africa from Alaska, Canada to the United States. We are here to give you the word of God which in  we give you what many leaders won't give you. Minister Stevie Tee goes into depth abouth things you need to know that will help you overcome the enemy and avoid the mark of the beast. This sermon here teaches you about having images of Jesus and Angels and how it is a sin and lie to have them on the internet, in your home, around your neck or teach it to your kids. If you would like to contact Minister Stevie Tee you may email Any love offerings or donations can be made at : /donations God Blesses To The World!