'You hold your soul and I hold mine': Christian Aid Christmas appeal

Christian Aid Global show

Summary: In Kenya, too many children don’t make it through their first day of life – of those who don’t, the vast majority are killed by preventable illnesses or complications in childbirth. And for women in Kenya, childbirth can be dangerous. They are 40 times more likely to die in childbirth than mums in the UK. Through our Christmas appeal, Christian Aid is determined to change this. Our partners are working to get vital healthcare to mums and babies. Together we’re providing village motorbikes and rough terrain ambulances to get women safely from hut to hospital. By building local maternity wings, and equipping them with everything from delivery beds to incubators, we’re giving thousands more babies a chance at life. We’re training community health workers and traditional birth attendants to support expectant mothers, wherever they are, to make sure they get the healthcare they need. These days, wise women don’t bring frankincense. They bring life-saving care. Support our Christmas appeal this year and the UK Government will DOUBLE your donation. Visit www.christianaid.org.uk/getinvolved/c…as/index.aspx to find out more.