Episode 50 - ZK Replay

Knitting Butterflies show

Summary: <br> Wednesday:<br> <br> -Got to the airport super early<br> <br> -met up with Shana and Melissa thePloverbird<br> <br> -saw other knitters on the plane<br> <br> -Kim picked is up lilpixls<br> <br> -roomed with Danie<br> <br> -went to ballroom and checked in, got goodie bags<br> <br> -met up with Susie and Suburban Stitcher<br> <br> -unloaded Danie's car<br> <br> -met with people and chatted<br> <br> -met Kristine from Yarnings<br> <br> -ate at Pescada with Kim<br> <br> -came back and knitted some more<br> -stayed up late chatting with Cori and Megan and other knitters, Vicki from heartlandknits<br> <br> <br> Thursday<br> <br> -continued checkin, knitted on my Bolting shawl<br> <br> -mingled and talked with Josh<br> <br> -headed to lunch at a Burger place<br> <br> -got my classroom put together and taught first class<br> <br> -super nervous but excellent students<br> <br> -Danie as my amazing helper<br> <br> -practiced with light using light setup and a bust<br> <br> -practiced posing and gave some tips<br> <br> -talked about using props and composition and using backgrounds effectively<br> <br> -extra tips people asked for: glasses, large groups, squinting<br> <br> -great way to start teaching<br> <br> -opening ceremony and giveaways<br> <br> -grabbed dinner at Jefe Rosa with Brian and Sari: taco time with Danie<br> <br> -designer showcase<br> <br> -came back for pajama party and dessert: chocolate fruit<br> <br> -yarn lottery: last number, lace weight Tapestry 864 yards browns, red and purples <br> <br> -photo booth<br> <br> -knitted until midnight then came back to bed<br> <br> <br> Friday<br> <br> -breakfast at Pannakoeken with Danie<br> <br> -fiber prep for spinning class with Kim Twigi Teiji which was amazing! Lilblondegirl had some ITW grellow Superwash merino she didn't want so she gifted it to me, came up later with another one! <br> <br> -podcaster panel <br> <br>     - hosted by Ellen of Twinset<br> <br>     - Kristine from Yarnings, Ginny from Penguin Soup, Julia from Whole Lotta Craft, Prairie Girls Danie and Susie, Diane from Suburban Stitcher, me, Mel from MelTranDesigns, and Jen from DaizieKnits.<br> <br> - taught my second photography class<br> <br> - went to Daizie's class about the Master Knitter program<br> <br> - totally exhausted! Came back for prize drawings<br> <br> - went to Loop for dinner for teachers<br> <br>   - sat with Amy Detjen, keynote speaker, ate white sauce pizza<br> <br> - keynote with Amy<br> <br> - went to bed<br> <br> <br> Saturday<br> <br> - quick breakfast from Starbucks<br> <br> - helped Danie set up for the market, ready to open at 9:30 for vendor access<br> <br> - I wore my Water and Stone cardigan out of One Twisted Tree Hinkypunk<br> <br> - 10-12 was market for retreat goers<br> <br> - took a break for lunch (what did we eat?) <br> <br> - came back for public market<br> <br> -market died down a little bit so I did some shopping<br> <br> - purchased from Daizieknits, Leading Men Fiber Arts, and Knit circus and Kitchen Counter Crafter<br> <br> - Danie gifted me some yarn in One Twisted Summer<br> <br> - dinner at Loop again before the goodbye event<br> <br> - came back for final round of prize drawings. I won a ZK cup, which I traded Danie for another Skein of Yarn in Girls Night Out<br> <br> - dancing video<br> <br> - hung out and knit with everyone I could find that I knew<br> <br> -book jazzy Nancy won a Pepsi Bag and only drinks Coke so she gifted me her bag<br> <br> - Danie went to bed, I stayed up until 1 am knitting with friends<br> <br> <br> Sunday<br> <br> - helped Danie pack up, and I packed up<br> <br> - went to Hilton to meet Melissa, Shana and Kim so Kim could drive us back to the airport. Kim gifted me adorab