JT Is Back!  Now What Happened?  

Chairborne Commandos - Military News, Technology, And Special Operations show

Summary: It’s been a long time in the making but JT is home safely.  On today’s show, we go off script and simply catch up over a few beers and talk about his deployment.  Go behind the scenes get the inside scoop on the state of Iraq and ISIS.<br> If you’re a first time listener, you may want to check out the archives to see how its normally done.  Otherwise sit back and enjoy.<br> <br> Write Us A 5 Star Review:<br> <a href="http://ChairborneCommandos.com/review">http://ChairborneCommandos.com/review</a><br> Get the gear you need:<br> <a href="http://ChairborneCommandos.com/pvc">http://ChairborneCommandos.com/pvc</a><br> <a href="http://ChairborneCommandos.com/coffeemug">http://ChairborneCommandos.com/coffeemug</a><br> Visit Our Show Sponsor:<br> Attention military units, first responders and anyone needing a custom PVC velcro patch! Visit flexsystems.com for all your PVC patch needs and be sure to tell them Chairborne Commandos sent you and get 50% off mold fees for 500 or more parts!<br> <a href="http://www.flexsystems.com/custom-velcro-patches/">http://www.flexsystems.com/custom-velcro-patches/</a><br>