14.20 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Author and retired Police captain Robert Snow joins us this week to share his eye opening past life regression and his investigation of the former identity it revealed.  Setting out with the intention of disproving reincarnation Robert instead found corroboration from multiple sources revealing solid evidence that he lived a former life as a nineteenth-century American artist. We also feature space warfare, Australia's ancient stonehenge mystery, and future crime profiling. Sponsors TransferWise TransferWise is the smart new way to send money abroad. Head to transferwise.com/universe and your first transfer up to $500 will be free. Squarespace Use the offer code MU to get 10% off your first purchase. Alarm.com To Find authorized security experts in your area or to learn more about Smarter Home Security, visit Alarm.com/MU today. Robert L. Snow Links Cold War-Era US Soldiers Were Gearing Up to Fight in Space China Tests Anti-Satellite Missile Navy says southern California 'UFO sighting' was test missile launch Missile Test Terrorism Over Los Angeles SECRET MILITARY OPERATIONS TO DIVERT LAX PLANES FOR A WEEK SECRET MILITARY OP TO DIVERT LAX PLANES - UPDATED IS RUSSIA USING WEAPONS DEVELOPED WITH EXTRATERRESTRIAL HELP IN SYRIAN CIVIL WAR? Caffeinated peanut butter is here, draws ire of Charles Schumer Indonesia plans prison guarded by crocodiles for drug convicts Miley Cyrus-licked piano sold for $50k Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. Is this mysterious site Australia’s Stonehenge? Australia's Sacred Language Rock that re-writes history Pyramid Scan Identifies an 'Impressive Anomaly' Behind the Blocks of the Great Pyramid What the director of 'Thought Crimes' thinks about the current Cannibal Cop trial 'Minority Report' Is Real — And It's Really Reporting Minorities Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It Music Strange Talk - Painted In Gold (Robotaki Remix) via The Morning After Corbu - Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix) via Do You Like That Song Harris Cole - one day we'll have to face ourselves via StereoFox Lone - Jaded via Y Este Finde Que Nacho Marco - Tunnels (Madhouse Records) via Indie Shuffle Chet Faker - Bend D-Pulse Remix via My Music Dealers Mounika. - I Feel Love via Inselblog Tom Misch - Twinkle Twinkle via StereoFox