The Robert Scott Bell Show - October 14, 2015

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Summary: The first Democratic debate for the 2016 presidential election happened Tuesday in Las Vegas, and while the subject of marijuana legalization wasn't discussed by all five candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders made statements, with Sanders taking an interestingly bolder edge. In this transcript provided by debate host CNN, here's what Clinton and Sanders had to say about marijuana, with Sanders taking the approach of highlighting the utter injustices of the United States failed war on drugs. To expand on this perspective further, RSB will be joined by Stuart Tomc, CEO of Cannavest, and our resident cannabis expert and innovator! The war on drugs has harmed many in the country, and especially men like Thomas Patrick Farr, was prosecuted after police raided his home and discovered a lone cannabis plant in his bedroom. He had originally took to growing cannabis as a means of natural pain relief, and has since failed in a bid to appeal his conviction for producing the drug. His statement to the Appeal Court really emphasizes the sheer lunacy behind the legal systems globally that criminalize cannabis and unabashedly assault 'non violent criminals', as he responded to the judge that they should be dealing with rapists and criminals, rather than people like him! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by his good friend, and compadre in the fight for health freedom, Ty Bollinger, for another action packed Outside the Box Wednesday! First on the plate these two heavy weights for cancer truth, will reflect on the successful debut of the first episode to The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, regarding the true history of chemotherapy and the endemic pharmaceutical monopoly which has grasped our nation in its talons of tyranny. While on the subject of slimy corrupt pharmaceutical companies, according to a letter from the California Immunization Coalition sent to California Health Secretary Diana Dooley late last month, there is a shortage of mercury-free flu shots available for California's pregnant mothers and infants. As a result, the CIC is asking pregnant women to inject themselves and their babies with a known neurotoxin by asking the State to suspend, again, California's no mercury law. There's only one problem. Last Wednesday, the MSJ contacted Sanofi Pasteur to inquire about a reported shortage of their Fluzone product. After inquiring about the availability of the product and its safety for a pregnant mother who might be seeking the flu shot, we were told something entirely different. Lynn, an R.N. with Sanofi Pasteur, confirmed to the MSJ on the telephone that "there is no national shortage of the mercury-free dose of Fluzone, the pre-filled syringes are shipping on time and are in ample supply." London's Royal Free Hospital says the condition of nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who is being treated for complications resulting from Ebola, is now critically ill after her condition deteriorated. Our prayers go out to her. And to end the night, RSB and TMB will dissect a case of blatant fraud from MedImmune, creators of FluMist, as Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines exposes the recent lies behind the Big Pharma's cash cow, the flu shot. All this and more!