The Robert Scott Bell Show - October 16, 2015

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Summary: RSB and Super Don welcome you to the weekend with an unusual segment on sports. Do you like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots? He's a lightning rod for controversy, whether it be deflated footballs or Frosted Flakes. Brady just lashed out at Coca-cola and Tony the Tiger as consumables that do nothing good for your health. How is he doing so well as a professional quarterback at the age of 38? Well, there's the controversy as a mainstream reporter from Boston Magazine is gingerly trying to discredit his business partner, a Alejandro Guerrero who got into lots of trouble with the FTC doing dietary supplement infomercials. The fine line the reporter must walk in attacking Brady's health guru is fascinating to read because in Boston, the patriot quarterback practically walks on water. We'll discuss the inevitability that alternative medicine will be mainstream before we know it. With each new sports hero or movie star celebrity acknowledging the use of substances and methods for healing beyond the purview of FDA, millions more people not only become more aware of their options, but they may actually exercise them! How are you? That's the question that the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King will seek to answer today! What's really going on when we ask these existential questions? How many of us are prepared to listen as someone answers such questions that you may have posed in passing. When is it more than a mere salutation or greeting? Are we ready to seek the answers within? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Liam Scheff, who is back promoting "The Oil Alarm", the short film which will be released in November. He's giving a talk in Vegas and then more in the dry, drought-ridden western states. RSB and Liam will talk about the challenges and changes that are a'coming, and they are sure coming quickly. Where does your food come from? Where does your water come from? Why won't science, religion or new age-ism save you from oil decline? This isn't an "end of the world" prognosticiation - it's a pure economic, resource-based observation - we're in a changing landscape of lower energy, food and fuel reserves, and we're all going to have to be active, in our neighborhoods, growing and sharing food and resources. Or, that's Liam's message. See if you agree in this hour. Plus: There Are No Vegans In the Future! What do we mean? We'll tell you all about it. If you like the Liam's work, please buy a book or ebook! Or donate $5 to $20 on Paypal to keep the Oil Alarm ringing. Finally, RSB and Super Don wrap things up with a major announcement of radio expansion beginning Monday, October 19, 2015. Visit to see what has Super Don up late prior to launch! Should we remain sitting or give him a standing ovation? We may need a special desk just to keep up. What does it mean that "A sun salutation a day may keep the doctor away"? Could the medical establishment really get behind relaxation and sun exposure? All this and more!