The Robert Scott Bell Show - October 23, 2015

The Robert Scott Bell Show - show

Summary: Are you at the CDC rally for vaccine truth? We've got updates and you still have time to get there for the weekend events in Atlanta (Grant Park Saturday). RSB reports from the Twin Cities about the state of Health Freedom in America. Where to begin? We'll review the events that recently transpired at the U.S. Health Freedom Congress. What's your issue? There were discussion on geo-engineering, GMO food, vaccination and much more! Prayers go out to the people of Mexico affected by this monster hurricane today. We'll do a little boxing update on today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the father-son trip he took to NYC last weekend. What was it like to see the big fights at Madison Square Garden? Imagine having a conversation with Bernard Hopkins, Roberto Duran and his son! That's exactly what happened! Did they talk about arnica and prevention of Parkinson's? Imagine if professional athletes made the Sporting Edge part of their daily regimen. Got Muscle Maximizer? Then we'll get into stress and how to de-stress. How do we thrive despite a heavy stress burden? Remember to use the Whole person Appraisal at the King Bio web site to help you self-assess. In Dr. King's book, the 8 Essentials to Life are revealed with helpful techniques for identification of stress and its reduction. Do you know about the vascular stress receptors in your forehead? What can you do with scalp points when you are washing your hair in the shower to get your day off to a distressed start? How about before sleep; can you make an appointment with the divine? In Hour 2 RSB interviews one more health freedom warrior from the United States Health Freedom Congress in Minnesota. Susan Kraemer is a special kind of healer. An educator by training, plus a massage therapist, she has a special place in her heart for helping children who have been adversely affected by vaccines into the autism spectrum. She will share the results of her technique on kids in the school system who are not able to function well in groups. Get ready to relax and open up to the unconditional love, along with healing touch, that assists the neurological pathways in their recovery. If you have questions about implementing her healing protocols, contact or go to her website here. Time permitting, RSB jumps back in to another QOTD, this time a complex question about Carnivora, lung health, allergies, weight gain, detox and Life Change Tea. Finally, RSB and Super Don lighten it up a little with funny cat videos. Did you know that cats are deathly afraid of cucumbers? No, really! Watch, but then administer some King Bio Stress Control. Remember, the Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest is available for 50% off today only! Hurry and order!