The Robert Scott Bell Show - October 25, 2015

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Summary: Martin Shkreli was widely criticized late last month after his Turing Pharmaceuticals announced an increase in the price of Daraprim, the only approved treatment for a life-threatening parasitic infection, from $13.50 to $750 per capsule after buying rights to sell the drug. But now the former hedge fund manager has competition. A San Diego biomedical company on Thursday announced it's selling an alternate medication to Daraprim for $1 a capsule, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. For the first time, a team of researchers looked at exactly which types of foods could be the most addictive. They asked a group of 120 undergraduates at the University of Michigan, and another group of nearly 400 adults, about 35 different types of food, from pizza to broccoli, and whether they think they could have problems controlling how much they ate of each one. Eighteen of the items were processed foods, meaning they contained added sugars and fats. Topping the list were pizza, chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream, French fries, cake and soda, all considered processed foods. They were followed by cheese and bacon, both unprocessed foods, but high in fat and salt. RSB will be joined by Kim Ritchie to talk about this weekends rally for truth at the CDC in Atlanta. Lastly Super Don and RSB will break down the findings of a new survey which found that many U.S. teenagers have willingly accepted a ride from a drunk driver within the past year. In hour 2 RSB will break down something we have previously covered regarding the medical kidnapping story of Leanna Smith, who had her two daughters removed from her family and eventually adopted out due to allegations of "medical abuse" and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Leanna has been fighting in court for several years now to seek justice, and earlier this year her case was heard in the 9th Circuit Court. In an interesting twist this week, Leanna found a GoFundMe page put up by the foster parents of her youngest child requesting funds for medical needs and to move out of their home which was infested with mold. Leanna wonders if CPS and the State of Arizona did any investigations with the foster parents as they have publicly admitted that her youngest daughter now has DRESS syndrome, severe rashes, and "serious damage to her liver." Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to lead in most of the polls, with his popularity he's seemingly taken on the world's most evil corporation: biotech seed giant Monsanto. Http://