Charlotte Liberty Walk and American Presidential Experience - Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Summary: <p align="center"><font size="3"><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></font></p> <p><font size="3"><strong>Part One: Charlotte Liberty Walk<br></strong></font>Under Charlotte’s bright, shiny and new-looking skyline, the Queen City actually does have a fascinating history. Some of that history has been torn down to make new and some has been saved, but either way, you can now take a historical tour through Charlotte and look at the sites of some of our greatest moments in history - and soon, your tour can be enhanced by using your Smart phone! We’ll meet the people behind the Charlotte Liberty Walk.<br><strong>Guests<br> Dr. Tony Zeiss</strong> - CPCC President and Author of <a class="bodylink" href="">Backcountry Fury, a Sixteen-Year-Old Patriot in the Revolutionary War<br></a><strong>Scott Syfert</strong> - Charlotte Lawyer and Vice Chairperson of the <a class="bodylink" href="">May 20th Society<br></a><strong>Dan Nance</strong> - Historical artist and owner of <a class="bodylink" href="">Hand Held History</a> (the developer of the mobile App for <a class="bodylink" href="">Charlotte Liberty Walk</a>)</p> <ul> <li><a class="bodylink" href="">Walking Map of Charlotte's Revolutionary Historic Sites (1775-1780)</a></li> <li><a class="bodylink" href="">Details about the Charlotte Liberty Walk app</a></li> </ul><p align="center"><font size="3"><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></font></p> <p><font size="3"><strong>Part Two: American Presidential Experience<br></strong></font>Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to sit at the desk in the Oval Office, step aboard Air Force One or stand at a presidential podium? Well, during the Democratic National Convention, you may have your chance. A unique exhibit called the American Presidential Experience will set up in Charlotte, allowing visitors a rare glimpse inside the very exclusive life of the president through artifacts and replicas. It includes replicas of the Oval Office, Air Force One, presidential chairs, first ladies' gowns and even Harry Truman's 1951 limousine. The C-SPAN campaign bus will also be on-site for visitors to explore. We'll find out more about this nonpartisan tribute to Presidential history from the curator of the exhibit who himself is a memorabilia junkie. <br><strong>Guest<br> Jim Warlick</strong> - Owner and Curator of <a class="bodylink" href="">American Presidential Experience</a>. He has spent the majority of his adult life taking this traveling museum on the road. Morganton, NC native.</p> <ul> <li>American Presidential Experience runs Friday Aug. 31 through Saturday Sept. 8 and is located at the corner of West Third and South Mint Streets. <a class="bodylink" href="">Details.</a> </li> </ul><p><a class="bodylink" href=";action=display"><strong>Add and read comments</strong></a></p>