JeffMix podcasts show

Summary: Thanks to all of the artists, labels and reps for giving permission to be included in this month’s JeffMix! To find out more and purchase their music, visit Tracklist :: JeffMix2015.09 1. Demo Taped "Not Enough" 2. Viola Beach "Swings & Waterslides" 3. Mallrat "Suicide Blonde" 4. Matt Maltese "Even If It's A Lie (Demo)" 5. Tired Lion "I Don't Think You Like Me" 6. Amateur Best "They Know" 7. Coastal Car "Just Woke Up" 8. Baro "Bears (ft. Venus Court)" 9. Kid Wave "Best Friend" 10. Colleagues "Somewhere" 11. Kathryn Calder "New Millennium" 12. Loyle Carner "Tierney Terrace" 13. Shit Present "Melbourne" 14. Rocky Nti "Ride On" 15. DJDS "You Don't Have To Be Alone"