JeffMix podcasts show

Summary: Thanks to all of the artists, labels and reps for giving permission to be included in this month’s JeffMix! To find out more and purchase their music, visit Tracklist :: JeffMix2015.12 1. Joy Again "Looking Out For You" 2. Spares "I Like It" 3. Leo Islo "Higher Living" 4. Aaron Taos "Bangs" 5. Addie Pray "Watch TV" 6. S'natra "Feelin' Good (ft. Synead)" 7. Made Violent "On My Own" 8. PWR BTTM "I Wanna Boy" 9. Twinkids "Dreamer" 10. Max Quinn's Onomatopenis "Waterloo" 11. Not Of "Blood Thief" 12. NoMBe "Kemosabe" 13. Emilio Pinchi "Naps" 14. Man & The Echo "I Don't Give A Fuck What You Reckon" 15. With You. "Felt This (ft. Brittany Foster)"