ROAR-2014-02-04 - Episode 127 - Thank You Thaddeus

Republic Of Avalon Radio show

Summary: ROAR-2014-02-04 - Episode 127 - Thank You Thaddeus This time on the ROAR: Greetings from Eddy Mailbag, our new intro, opening remarks from Jim, a call to Eddy Mailbag fans to be heard, Jim's new album, "Piece By Piece", some advice to advertizers, Jim's problem with genres and being put in a box, announcing the offical launch of Jim's new Youtube channel, Fidlerville The new ROAR feed, a call for listener shout-outs, the soon to come ROAR Youtube channel, a reference to the Great Money Movie on WLBZ, some thanks to subscribers and a push for others to subscribe and Lillian's conversation with Thaddeus Dreher. Music this time: Our theme, Genesis by Jim Fidler Ammunition, Complicated Cheese Burger Reggae, Go Empty It, Now Or Never!, and A Little Investement Instrumental by Andre Louis And Thank Your Father by Helen Kane Best listened to on headphones. Just when you think it's "SNAFU", maybe, it's time to redefine "normal".