(2015-06-20) The Sacred Contract of Marriage Kept Safe Under His Wings

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Summary: Sermon titled "The Sacred Contract of Marriage Kept Safe Under His Wings" given on Saturday June 20, 2015. Size: 7.3 MB; duration: 21:08. God likes places His goods in containers... in special boxes, even sacred vessels. Marriage is one of the goods given to us by God from the very foundation of the world. Many are toying around with this good, making light of its proper use... even trying to trample it underfoot. Yet, as the Old Testament typology of the Ark of the Covenant shows, it is indestructible... and ultimately will survive and prevail. Those trying harm it, however, will bring a curse, plagues, and death upon themselves and the world. Yet, for those who place their holy bond of matrimony in the Ark, a 1000 may fall at their side, 10,000 at their left hand...but it will not come neigh to them (cf. Ps 90).