(2015-07-01) Marriage and the Potentiality of His Blood

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Summary: Sermon titled "Marriage and the Potentiality of His Blood" given on Wednesday July 1, 2015. Size: 6.4 MB; duration: 18:40. Many today are trying to follow in the path of Moses by allowing divorce and remarriage. Yet, the rock of Christ has been struck...and out came Blood and Water... out came the Bride of Christ. There is only one bride possible. Later Moses was commanded to speak to the rock and it would produce. But angered by the hard-hearted people, he struck the rock two more times to make it produce. Sad to say, some in our times seem not to want the Bride of Christ that came forth the first time, which is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. They do not want this Beginning...this Foundation. So, like Moses they are not going to speak to the rock but instead strike it a second time (Synod no. 1) and since this did not produce, they are going to strike it again (Synod no. 2) in order make it produce. Moses was punished for this and could not enter the Promised Land. Surely, this effort will bring down punishment upon us all.