(2015-07-12) May His Blood Be Upon Us

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Summary: Sermon titled "May His Blood Be Upon Us" given on Sunday July 12, 2015. Size: 6.5 MB; duration: 18:49. During the month of July, Holy Church focuses her attention upon the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. This devotion is especially needed in these days where many are denying the very notion of sin and its great cost in Blood. The Jewish High Priests and mob sought to condemn the Innocent Lamb on Good Friday. When Pontius Pilate stated that he did not want to condemn innocent blood, the Jewish mob embraced responsibility and cried out: "May His Blood be upon us and upon our children." The Blood of Christ became a mark of Cain upon them, and brought about the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple. But such a curse can immediately become a blessing if we look upon Him Whom we have pierced and mourn for our sins. In fact, we want His Precious Blood to be upon and upon our children. We want to be marked with this Holy Blood especially in the Sacraments. Woe to us who have been redeemed by that Blood, however, if we waste that Blood. By sinning seriously we become worse than the Jews of old. Our sinful hearts become a Calvary where Christ is crucified again and again.