(2015-07-19) Renewing the Face of the Earth

Audio Sancto show

Summary: Sermon titled "Renewing the Face of the Earth" given on Sunday July 19, 2015. Size: 6.7 MB; duration: 19:33. Before the coming of the Holy Ghost, the face of the earth was desolate. Idolatry and superstition were rampant. Tyranny and oppression reigned. The poor, the sick, and the unfortunate were often abandoned, viewed as being cursed by the gods. There was darkness, coldness, and callousness. But when the Fire of the Holy Ghost descended on that first Pentecost Sunday, the face of the earth began to be renewed. Truth and charity began to gain ascendency and flowed into the minds and hearts of Christians who, in turn, built hospitals, homes for the aged, the destitute, and orphanages. And best of all, churches were built to the glory of the Triune God, where the Holy Mass offered perfect worship to the Most High, and appeased His just wrath. When the pagan world embraced Christianity, it became a better world. A world filled with truth. A world that was far more tender and gentle. But unfortunately, a modern form of paganism has returned as many baptized people begin to reject the Faith of their fathers. And in this post-Christian age, the results are obvious. The face of the earth, once again, becomes desolate. A coldness returns. A culture of death permeates society and the practice of the most revolting of vices is revived. How we need the Holy Ghost to pour forth that Holy Fire to renew the face of the earth again. Unfortunately, it looks as if that fire will come first in the form of a chastisement or fiery conflagration.