One Life Left -- s11e15 -- #256 -- Whole Lotta Her Story

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Summary: We're still trying to solve the mystery that is sweeping the gaming world: Where did Marioke disappear to in July? And furthermore: When is it being held in August? Hopefully we'll get a little closer to the truth in this week's episode. Oh, and we did talk quite a bit about Her Story too, which made sense as this week's Super-Special Guest was its designer Sam Barlow. He came up on the sleeper from Portsmouth to tell us all about the game. Except for the plot. But hopefully you will understand from this episode that Her Story is a different type of game. The type of game that Simon dislikes, so what will he think of Her Story? Away from Her Story we found out that Simon looked a little different, Ann was beach body ready and Ste met some men on the Internet. Sega Badawi and GameUnder provided us with some features and we got onto the hot, hot topic of fans in consoles. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Klamm - Rise 2. Kuro - Before It Ends 3. MilLs DJ - Reunited 4. Brink - It Is What It Is