For Religious, Agnostic, Atheists: Was Christ Pro-State, or An Anarchist?

Liberty Conspiracy show

Summary: The title says a lot. :) This program, recorded on Easter, 2015, is for those who might say they are believers in the Christian religion (whichever kind of Christian they might be), for those who are uncertain of Jesus's position as a messiah, and those who deny any supernatural aspect to the universe. In the production, we explore a debate in which many people (religious, Christian, non-religious, etc) have engaged: Whether Jesus, the historical figure, was pro-state, or, if it's possible to make the claim that he was an anarchist. Provocative and fascinating. We hope you like the program! In it, we feature great music by Big Dipper, "Easter Eve", and "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House"! Notes! If you would like to get a copy of Darryl Perry's book, "The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua", here's the link! Be Seeing You!