Hooting Yard: On The Raking of Gravel

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Summary: The raking of gravel in the grounds of a rented country cottage is usually the lot of the handyman-gardener who comes with the property. You will first meet him when he comes to the railway station to meet you off the train. He will load your luggage on to the brake after the briefest greeting, and drive like the clappers along twisting bosky lanes. When he has debouched you outside the cottage, and unloaded the luggage, he will drive off again to park the brake in a nearby barn. You will not see him again for some hours, until evening, when, looking out of the cottage window, you will spot him raking the gravel. On a Prang On Scroonhoonpooge Marshes On the Raking of Gravel Kill Sin Pimple & Others This episode of Hooting Yard was first broadcast on the 28th June 2012.