Episode 26 - Botox

The Real Happy Hour show

Summary: In this episode: Missing audio data, I Remember Claude, Emergency bulletin, Welcome to Adam, Nothing to say, Making the Botox, You Can Drink With Us!, Billboard humiliation, Immortal Cooper, Message from Tokyo Shapiro, Welcome to Trav McGee, Estrys buffet, Travs horny dog, Ann Russel, Mean and kinda sleepy, Helpless Criss Angel, Trav McGee- Single Guy, Eggs- Trailer Park Millionaire, Earnhardt, Jesus stickers, TRHH University Continuing Education History Lesson, Oil the chair, Adam tries glasses, Male pageantry, Vintage Pro Wrestling, Apartment wrestling, NIL, Uncle Eggs, Travs last name, Weather Channel, Face farts, The Butchers girlfriend, Adams dad, Burial options, EMRPCIA runs out of material, Pernell calls Kurt, Mattresses, Pillows, Bacteria. Dental Hygiene, A mans woman, Marriage as an aphrodisiac, Women into the Pope, Travs stache, Estry hates TRHH, An ending.