Keeping Sane In An Insane World - 12.12.14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The frustrations of having to listen to all the nonsense we are fed on a daily basis. The meek and total acceptance by ‘the people’ of everything we are told is terrifying. Orwell’s totalitarian view of society is fully with us. The intensity and relentlessness with which the state and its minions attempt to paint a false picture of economic recovery is breathtaking in its arrogance and desperation. The meltdown comes to energy junk bonds which comprise 15% of the entire junk bond market. There is already financial contagion. The spectre of 2008 is already in evidence. The tsunami of debt defaults is about to hit with a vengeance. Ron Paul’s take on the latest Congressional bill ‘strongly condemning the Russian Federation. The latest retail sales disaster. Details of the Senate torture report that recently came out. Truly sickening. Japan’s economy continues to melt down.