Wake Up Call - Housing Smash: The Encore - 01.19.15

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Detailed information concerning the housing market and why it’s due to take another terrible tumble. Home builders are languishing and their earnings are reflecting their ‘subdued’ stock price in the market. The so-called ‘housing recovery’ is and has been a fraud from the beginning. Along with housing we have the economy itself, erroneously believed to be ‘recovering’. Just empty words from the government and its side-kick: the mainstream media. Falling oil prices are an extreme negative, as well. Zillow also believes house price changes are about to go negative. More statistics showing how China has taken manufacturing away from the U.S. A word on the absurdity of economics as a concept. A few words for would-be college attendees and their parents. A brief history of U.S. foreign policy meddling.