(2015-01-25) Saint Athanasius and Why Atheism is on the Rise

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Summary: Sermon titled "Saint Athanasius and Why Atheism is on the Rise" given on Sunday January 25, 2015. Size: 7.9 MB; duration: 23:09. In his profound work on the Incarnation, Saint Athanasius explains that there are at least three ways man can come to know God without fail: (i) looking up at God's ordered and harmonious Creation; (ii) seeking the guidance and example of holy men; (iii) studying God's Divine Revelation. All of these have been displaced and replaced by imaginings of modern man and the crafty devices of the devils. Now we explain away the Cosmos with pseudo-science, making it all, more or less, due to chance. Our holy men are being suppressed and sidelined while the rational and worldly-minded men are elevated to demigod status. Divine Revelation is gutted of its meaning or dismissed altogether being replaced by modern man's writings, constitutions, charters and declarations of the rights of man. As a result, a vacuum is produced causing atheism to rise, while occultism and Islamism fill in the empty places. How important it is, then, for us to LOOK UP and see the harmony of God's Creation (to study Creation, as this is one of the first things Moses did with the Israelites in coming out of Egypt in writing the Pentateuch), to strive to be holy and follow good and faithful priests, and finally to study our Holy Catholic Faith. In this way, with the atheist given the chance to once again know God, atheism will not be allowed to grow in us and around us!