MW003 | Introduction To Information Products And Interview With Jonathan Leger

Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason show

Summary: In this episode of the MasonWorld Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, we continue with our series introducing the different ways that you can make money online. Specifically, we take a look at information products or information marketing. We have a special interview with Internet Marketing Guru Jon Leger (pronounced Lay-Jay) and he reveals what he considers the three most important things that a new Internet Marketer needs to know. Information Marketing has made millionaires out of a lot of people.  In fact, my buddy Josh Spaulding has just release an excellent (and very affordable eBook on the topic of Information Products.) Advantages of an Information Products Business includes: Incredibly low overhead -- create content and publish electronically Sell it over and over again Sell it 24 hours per day, 365 days per year Fully automated sales and order delivery product Works well with affiliate marketing Location independence (work anywhere) No employees required Some links mentioned in the podcast Moonlighting On The Internet Ten Ways To Make $10K On The Internet Information Product Success Formula from Josh Spaulding Possible information product topics How-To guides Self-help products Financial eBooks Make Money On The Internet Fitness/Diet/Health Skills Improvement Or Training PM PodCast iPhone Programming Lifestyle Design Interview with Jon Leger included in this episode. Tip 1:  Look for a mentor running a real business; it takes real work.  Watch out for sharks and false claims.  Cannot get something for nothing. Tip 2:  Find a great niche or product that sells well.  Have some passion. Tip 3:  Get targeted traffic.  Not all traffic is equal. Jon has an awesome product for beginners in internet marketing: Be sure to leave us some feedback and subscribe in iTunes! Podcast Alley is another option: My Podcast Alley feed! Here is the Raw RSS Feed. I'd love to hear what you think about the podcast. Drop me a line here on the blog on on the digital recorder at 214-444-8655. Ask a question or leave a comment and we may use it on the show. Episode 003 Transcript This is the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, Episode 3. You want to build a business that you can call your own, but you can’t imagine abandoning the security of your day job. You are confident that you can find a few hours a week to pursue your dreams of creating a business on the internet, but you don’t know where to start. You’re looking for a plan. Congratulations! You just found one. You are listening to the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, with your host Mark Mason, building internet businesses one night at a time. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast. This is Episode 3 already. This is very exciting. We had hundreds of downloads of the podcast. I just want to say thank you for that. It’s been really exciting from my perspective. Lots of downloads from iTunes, I really appreciate that. iTunes is fantastic exposure for the podcast. If you’ve got a chance, hop on over to iTunes, search for Mason World. You’ll find the podcast right away. Mash on the subscribe button, and go ahead and leave us a review. We really appreciate that. That helps get the word out about the podcast far and wide. iTunes is far and wide the best distribution channel for podcasts. In this episode, episode 3 of the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, we’re going to be talking about our next way to make money online. You’ll recall that we’ve been using two reference resources. We’ve got the Yanik Silver book, which you can find at We’ve got the Jimmy Brown report on 10 Ways to Make 10,000 Dollars a Month Online, and that’s at Both of those are information products.