MW006 | Introduction To eCommerce Websites and Interview With Lynn Terry

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Summary: In this episode of the MasonWorld Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, we continue with our series introducing the different ways that you can make money online. Specifically, we take a look at how you can make money with eCommerce stores. We also have a special interview with super affiliate marketing guru Lynn Terry. In the interview, Lynn and I talk about what she considers the three most important things that a new internet marketer should know. Lynn also talks about the importance of focus and the idea that anyone can build a business on the Internet. When the transcript is available, it will be here. In the podcast, I mention that I have been spending time in Lynn Terry's forum. In the main segment of the podcast, I talk about eCommerce sites.  I mention that you need to look for A drop shipper that you can trust A good cart solution Great cart SEO Some links mentioned in the podcast Moonlighting On The Internet (a real book) Ten Ways To Make $10K On The Internet (free) Lynn Terry Elite Member Forum Lynn Terry on (free) Be sure to leave us some feedback and subscribe in iTunes! Podcast Alley is another option: My Podcast Alley feed! Here is the Raw RSS Feed. I'd love to hear what you think about the podcast. Drop me a line here on the blog on on the digital recorder at 214-444-8655. Ask a question or leave a comment and we may use it on the show. Episode 006 Transcript This is the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, Episode 6. You want to build a business that you can call your own, but you can’t imagine abandoning the security of your day job. You are confident that you can find a few hours a week to pursue your dreams of creating a business on the internet, but you don’t know where to start. You’re looking for a plan. Congratulations! You just found one. You are listening to the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, with your host Mark Mason, building internet businesses one night at a time. Hello, and welcome back to the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, where we’re talking about how to build internet businesses one night at a time. I’m your host Mark Mason. It’s really great to be back on the microphone. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last spoke to you. Boy, have they been incredibly busy. Before I get into the details about the busyness that’s been going on, I have to tell you thanks so much. You may have heard that this podcast was recently selected as new and notable in the iTunes store in the business section. This is incredibly exciting news for me. What it means is people have been going to iTunes, leaving favorable reviews, thousands of people have downloaded the podcast. I just wanted to say thanks. If you’ve not had a chance to go over to iTunes, or if you don’t normally use iTunes, let me tell you a couple of things. First, iTunes is free software that you can download from It’s a great way to get the podcast. You can download it that way and play it on your PC, you can also use it to put the podcast on your iPod. Of course, if you have an iPod, you know all about iTunes. Then if you have a copy of iTunes, you can go to and rate the podcast over on iTunes. That’s very helpful to me. If you do that, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for that very much. It’s a real cool thing to be new and notable in the iTunes store. Now, back to the busyness. I’ve been hard at work on my latest joint venture project. You’ll recall a joint venture is when you partner up with someone that has some skills that you don’t. This works particularly well in internet marketing, because you can choose a joint venture partner that has domain knowledge that you don’t have. You can create an information product, and as the internet marketer in the joint venture, you can be in charge of the marketing, bringing the product to market,