JW Show 265b: Billsville West House Shows

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: After fighting technical demons this week, we still produced a great show with some top tier real-indie music and an interview with Billsville West House Show proprietor Brian Gabbard. If you're in Walla Walla (or not) you should check out what they're doing and visit their house show or someone else's. They're extremely unique and intimate ways to experience music. The Playlist Title Album Artist Hey, Allison Send the Ships Echo Nebraska Oh You Parade Mickey Cupid Memphis If You Go to Memphis Six String Loaded Serenity Happe Holly Barkem Tide Tide Lucy Kitchen Go To Me Repentance Jordan Klassen Christmas Time Christmas Time Lonna Marie YOLO B-sides Tom Rosenthal Rivals Keep It Safe Wild Ones Star Is There Love On Mars? The Goldenhearts Joey New EP Emily Capell Pingu in the Igloo Tom Rosenthal Cover Keston Cobblers Club Interview with Billsville West House Show proprietor, Brian Gabbard Living a Lie Living a Lie H.M. Hammarin   Take part in the conversation, send in shoutouts, or just let us know what you think in the comments section below. See you next time! ~JW and CR