Liberty Conspiracy - 12-9-14 - Pop Media Tries to Frame Perception of "Torture Report" and Cover-Up Obama Admin Support of Torture

Liberty Conspiracy show

Summary: The title says it all. There is a lot of worthwhile information here, including a reading of President Oabama's own words from Jan of 2009 as he obfuscated and lied by omission on the question of whether he would continue "rendition" treatment of "enemy combatants" as the feds unconstitutionally call those US forces and allies capture in the undeclared "war" that is really an illegal series of military operations. Gardner Goldsmith goes back to the early days of the O admin and shows how the pop media is covering for him. Music includes: "Should God Forget", and "Entertain Me" by the Psychedelic Furs, as well as the full cut of "Beat My Guest", by Adam and the Ants (an appropriate song when talking about torture)... Find Gardner on Twitter: @gardgoldsmith Be Seeing You!