Liberty Conspiracy - 1-13-15 - The Sordid Story of US Govt Connections to Charlie Hebdo Attackers

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Summary: Two of the men accused of perpetrating the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris have connections to a US government resource. That man, Anwar al Awlaki, was a guest at a dinner in the Pentagon, and roamed the Middle East while John Brennan, now CIA Chief, was the head of the CIA in the Saudi region. Brennan later was the point man for the drone kill of Awlaki and his sixteen year-old son (400 miles away). We review this information, verify it, and offer thoughts on what it tells us about US foreign policy. This show covers a lot of ground, and we could have turned it into two pods, but thought it was wise to keep it all together, and present it temporally, from 1-11 to 1-12-15. As we learned more, you will hear us report it. Hope you like the data and will think about sending a link to a friend! Music in this program includes: "Nasty" and "Piranha" by The Prodigy, "Lovely 2 C U" by Goldfrapp, "Hard Currency" by WIRE, "She Don't Want to (And She Don't Care)" by Throwrag, and "Startin' to Slip" by the Sons of Hercules! Follow Gard Goldsmith on Twitter @gardgoldsmith And look for his latest book, BITE, on Amazon and! Be Seeing You!