12.21 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: New scientific findings suggest the theory of panspermia may not be that out there after all, while claims of humans on Mars come to light. Then J. Nathan Couch joins us to discuss the phenomena of Goatman and the legends and sightings surrounding these strange entities. J. Nathan Couch Links DNA 'can survive re-entry into Earth's atmosphere' Earth DNA survives the extremes of space Ex-NASA Worker Claims She Saw Humans on Mars in 1979 John Lear - Moon Secrets This Forgotten Turkey Bacteria Could Lead to the Super-Antibiotic of the Future Pacemaker woman dies after airport scanner check How Genetically Engineered Gardens Could Replace Airport Security Checkpoints Boy who suffered powerful electric shock claims he now has 'superpowers' like X-Men's Magneto as metal objects stick to him Famed Magnetic Boy Is Probably Just Very Sticky Gaming system that draws real blood suspended by Kickstarter Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. Phone Call from a Ghost: Strange Tales from Modern America UFOs Over Maine: Close Encounters from the Pine Tree State Christian Poincheval Invents Pill That Makes Farts Smell Like Chocolate Music BAIKAL - Seagulls In The Sky via Vovododo Karma Kid - Who Knows via HillyDilly The Acid - Ghost Maya Jane Coles Remix via HumanDrizzle UNITY - Prophecy via PileRats Quarion - Good Thing via Maorrr Lonelyspeck - Given via DotsAndDashes Treasureseason - We Live Fast via IHeartMoosiq