Implications Of The Oil Price Drop - 12.01.14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The recent oil drop has only happened once before in history. The unmistakable takeaway from history is that economic activity is slowing down. The concomitant fall in the price of copper equally attests to that. Listen to the consequences of this decline which are not pretty. They are massively negative. Last week’s price collapse really shows us how the economy is doing… how consumer spending is falling… how much poorer people have become as stock markets set records. Shale is being priced out of the market. The amount of money lost will be stupendous. America has hitherto been the hawk when it comes to war declarations. Putin is now rising to the challenge. This is very unsettling. A word about the unemployment statistics. We go into a lot of detail to show how false and artificial they are. Two Ivy League American professors are roaming the earth trying to encourage anyone who will listen to print more money and bury themselves in ‘stimulus’. Rogoff even wants to outlaw cash and make every transaction subject to electronic transfers. O course, Abe has listened to every word they’ve uttered! If they built a shrine to financial madmen and terrorists in Japan, Rogof and Krugman would be right at the top. Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. It’s interesting to trace money. Why every boom has to be followed by a bust.