The Final Throes Of The Macroeconomic Fantasy - 11.21.14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The deliberate obfuscation of what money and debt are all about. We are reaching the final stage of this folly. More on the framing of Putin over Ukraine. The absurd storyline that the Anglo Saxons accept but widely doubted elsewhere. Lies, cover-ups, anything will be used to vilify and demonize Putin and punish him for harboring Edward Snowden and preventing the Americans from bombing Syria. Washington is locked in permanent war despite having no enemies! The War Party (i.e. everybody) won the elections. Watch them ramp up military spending. Brazil looking to evade the U.S. in purchasing IT technology and building cables to Europe. The Economic End Game as explained by Brandon Smith. Deteriorating world economic statistics. A criticism of the TPP from a Malaysian newspaper, including criticism from within parliamentary circles – just like in D.C. with Congress, right?.