Back to School: How to Motivate a Child Who's Behind on Homework

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Does your child struggle to complete homework? Do you feel that sometimes you're overbearing about it? This week find out Carol's tips to best support your child in their school work, true to their nature! Resources that Carol mentions in this episode: Tips from a Teacher Profiling Twins video Inner Child Healing Resources Also search "Inner Child" on The Carol Blog for even more resources on this topic Podcast Highlights: 6:04 Type 3/1 mom with an 11 year old son who doesn't finish homework. 11:28 Tips for finishing homework for every Type of child. 14:09 Type 2 mom asks "How do I help my 6 kids develop good habits?" 20:06 Introducing teachers to your child's Energy Type 23:43 Type 4/1 seven year old and anxiety over math 28:26 About profiling twins 30:06 Type 1 mom with a Type 1 five year old daughter -- clashing over homework 34:37 Type 1 mom in a family of all Type 4 energy. How to keep it light? 38:10 Type 1 mom -- what to do when you feel resistance to prolonged hugging and cuddling with your child? Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Purchase your copy of the "The Child Whisperer" at, where you will also find more resources on The Child Whisperer blog. (Music provided by Nelson at the Helm, all rights reserved).