Managing Meltdowns For Every Type of Child

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Are you new to Child Whispering and have questions about what to do when your child has a meltdown?  Or maybe you are a veteran Child Whisperer and you still just can't get a handle on the meltdowns. Today Carol will offer tips for managing meltdowns. Resources mentioned in today's show: Stress-relieving spinal flush blog post Struggling with being a Stay-at-Home mom blog post Remembering Wholeness book Podcast highlights: 11:20 A Type 3 mom asks how to balance her need to get things done with her child's need for her attention 17:03 A mom asks how to help a Type 3 five year old who has grown angry and aggressive since the start of school 22:13 A Type 2 mom asks how to help her Type 1 seventh grader deal with friend issues 26:26 A Type 3 mom asks how to best arrange her three sons in bedrooms.  Two boys are Type 1 and one is a Type 4. 35:02 A mom asks how to help her Type 4/3 toddler with outbursts. Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Purchase your copy of the "The Child Whisperer" at, where you will also find more resources on The Child Whisperer blog. (Music provided by Nelson at the Helm, all rights reserved.)