The Episode with All the ReFlicktions -- Episode 130

The Deucecast Movie Show show

Summary: The Deucecast is ever evolving, and we make a subtle change this week... we are going... WEEKLY!  This week's episode is a whole bunch of ReFlicktions, as we dash through no less than 50 movies in an hour and change. We go in-depth into some films, including a rousing discussion on the 70s Superman film, along with parts II, III and IV... we discuss the Stephen King misstep called Maximum Overdrive... the entire documentary trilogy of the West Memphis Three, called Paradise Lost, as well as the additional documentary West of Memphis, and the fictional account Devil's Knot... American Graffiti vs Dazed and Confused... and new films like Lucy, Sex Tape, Hercules, Planes: Fire & Rescue and Deliver Us from Evil. We also have some great discussions on: Angel Heart Bram Stoker's Dracula Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Escape from Tomorrow Go Godzilla (2014) Oldboy (2013) Snowpiercer Steal Transformers: Age of Extinction 22 Jump Street Under the Skin Join us next week as we find out if P!nky liked Adventures in Babysitting in our Pretty in Pink setting... our Top Five of 2014 updated... and we discuss the best franchise reboots, everything from Cheaper By the Dozen to Batman Begins!