One Life Left -- s10e11 -- #229 -- Ann Life Left III

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: Sometimes - if we've been really good and very lucky - Ste and Simon are both unable to get to the studio. This means that Ann is given free reign and can curate her own videogame radio show. So we welcome into the studio Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr as a Super-Special Co-Presenter and Leigh Alexander, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, Kerry Turner and Monica Ion as the Super-Special Guests. In addition to the four SSGs we had messages from all around the world from Arielle Grimes, Tina Kalinger, Nathalie De Los Santos and Merritt Kopas telling us about how they work with games. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this episode. Next week all will be back to normal, for which we can only apologise. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. infodrive - You Won't Remember Me 2. powersupply - Underwater Cavern 3. my.Explosion - Why Do You Care?