One Life Left -- s10e12 -- #230 -- PS Move Any Mountain

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: We're sorry that we weren't on air last week, but Ann Life Left was so great that we felt you would need an extra week to recover. Whilst we allowed Simon to come back on air after he promised that he had learnt his lesson, Ste was being belligerent so we left him on a mountain in Norway. This resulted in a different show to the ones that you're used to. A show where mic levels and timetables were not appreciated. However our Super-Special Guest Christos Reid was someone that we greatly appreciated. He came in at extremely short notice and proved to be an excellent guest. So much so that Simon had to merge the reviews and letters sections, but it was done so smoothly that you'll never notice. We found about Christos' time in media, why he created a game jam and what his Dad thought of his games. Dr. Avatar made an appearance along with Sega Badawi. Sega has been moaning for ages about needing a weather presenter to help his local news feature so Simon and Ann decided to give a break to Cara Ellison who was in the middle of a typhoon in Japan. In the weeks to come we'll be auditioning Helen Lewis for our economics editor and Simon 'Parko' Parkin to be our Eye In The Sky. Ste will be returning next week and we'll be moaning about losing in the GMAs. Unless something amazing happens! Other than this week's #THIRDSDAY which will definitely be amazing! Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Boy Without Batteries - Shake It Off 2. Volt 44 - Rockhawk 3. Arlen - Galactic Snax