Israel’s New Dolphin Class Subs

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Summary: On today’s show:<br> Chinese media warns America that surveillance flights could be treated as “acts of hostility.”  These comments were made in response to U.S. criticizing the Chinese jet fighter that flew dangerously close to a US Navy P8 aircraft.<br> Quick breakdown on Iraq and the possible plans to move into Syria.<br> Here’s a quick list of potentially dangerous apps that might be installed on your smart phone:<br> <br> * Gmail<br> * H&amp;R Block<br> * Newegg<br> * WebMD<br> * Chase Bank<br> *<br> * Amazon<br> <br> Germany builds Israel’s deadliest new submarine: the Dolphin II.<br> Official Beer Sponsor: Special thanks to Jake @hoghuntr for sending the Snake Bite!<br> OWL Ammo – New tracer ammo being developed for the U.S. Army.<br> Q&amp;A<br> iTunes Reviews<br> Visit Our Show Sponsor:<br> Attention military units, first responders and anyone needing a custom PVC velcro patch! Visit <a href=""></a> for all your PVC patch needs and be sure to tell them Chairborne Commandos sent you and get 50% off mold fees for 500 or more parts!<br> <a href=""></a><br> Here is the patch <a href="">Flexsystems</a> did for our show!<br> <a href=""></a><br>