Live: The Justin Wayne Show with Tim Atlas at Main Street Studios

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: Back in January, we had a unique chance to introduce an artist to Walla Walla at Main Street Studios. Tim Atlas came to us for two nights and someone had the crazy idea of kicking off a live version of The Justin Wayne Show on the first night. With the help of Michael Simon of Coffee Ring Studios dealing with all of the sound both on stage and recording, Nate Redford of Lumenate Design taking care of the set, lights and promo pieces, and Tim Atlas bringing his A game, we had a great time. Other thank-yous going out to Alisa Gilbert, Kim Boyd and Rachael Buroker of Main Street Studios and all the rest of the crew and audience who attended and made this an amazing night. You can listen to the entire show here in the podcast above. You can also view a few songs we got on video as well as Tim's short loop pedal clinic he did on stage for me.