JW Show 251: Invoking Michael Harren

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: What great fun we had today, and some deep thoughts from Michael Harren about his new single Invocation (we premiered the video which you'll see below) and his upcoming album release, Tentative Armor in October. Claire also dug out some great stuff from the submission box, and I cleaned out my email box of music before I head off on holiday.   The Playlist Title Album Artist Pleading Indigo Child Jake Tavill Mountain Song Rise Up For Love Sister Speak Secrets Untold Secrets Untold single Natasha North Waiting for the Rain Simone Says Simone Says Down To You Stamen & Stigma Casitas Slipping From Your Heart Slipping From Your Heart [ Single ] The Deadline Shakes Juicy Lucy Rock ‘n’ Roll Titty Bingo Borderline Rise Up The Sun EP Dancing Years Corduroy Kingston single Tyrone Schulace and his Pals Root Beer Stand In Afghanistan Another Time Sonnet Cottage Out of the Dark Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Comp (vol. 36) GreenhornBluehorn Interview with Michael Harren Invocation Invocation – Single Michael Harren Go. Go. Michael Harren Black Flowers The Art of Loving Jingo Walking with the Devil Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours The Mescal Canyon Troubadours We’re All Human We’re All Human The L Project Gin Ever Decreasing Circles Juey Here’s the video for Michael Harren‘s single, Invocation.   http://youtu.be/GtZ9oLvaqxg   Claire will be on her lonesome next week, so stop by and cheer her on! ~JW and CR