The 24 Podcast: Our Review of Season 9, Hour 1, 11a-12p - The Review of Another Worst day of Jack Bauer's Life

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Summary: 24 has traversed now 8 complete seasons and now, a ninth and truly final season appears. Set in London, England, it's a true look into foreign soil with characters, traits and details that are still incredibly familiar, along with a familiar lead hero, Jack Bauer. It's been a long four-plus years, but it's time to strap on a man-purse, load up your favorite handgun, make sure we got extra mags and at least several friends that can hack the planet because it's time for the 24 Podcast Review of Season 9, Episode 1, 11a-12p here on the resumption of The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast.