The 24 Podcast: Our Review of Season 9, Hour 2, 12p-1p - The Review of Another Worst day of Jack Bauer's Life

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Summary: The sprawl of England - It's not just the centerpiece and backdrop for this season of 24, it's a city filled with history, hallmarks and now JACK BAUER. 8 Seasons have taken Jack across the globe, and after the launch of season 9, he's planted SQUARELY inside London. A drone-centric & assassination-based season launches as Episode 2 of Season 9 of 24 appears on smaller HD screens across the globe. What will Jack find as he continues his hunt for Yates? What will Chloe do with her newfound freedom? There's only one way to find out! It's time for the 2GuysTalking 24 Podcast - a unique and detailed review of Season 9 Episode 2 - 12p-1p now.