The 24 Podcast: Our Review of Season 9, Hour 11, 9p-10p - The Review of Another Worst Day of Jack Bauer's Life

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Summary: The 11th hour of any effort brings adrenaline, heightened senses and time seems to shrink around itself providing a flurry inside anyone's vision. Tonite, we witness the unraveling of an uneasy peace, the discovery of treason, gunfire galore and the cone of tension that only 24 can provide! It's time for The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast - a complete, educational, detailed review of each and every hour of the hit Fox show 24 - completely free of giant glass shards to the neck! It's all here in our review of 24's Season 9, Hour 11, The Literal 11th hour, 9pm-10pm here on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network