022 – 5 Reasons Passion is Contagious

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Summary: 5 Reasons Passion is Contagious   "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion." --Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel When it comes to customer service it is helpful to be on the right seat of the right bus.  That’s an analogy from “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.  What that essentially means is that people do their best when they are in the right position.  In customer service it definitely helps if this is what you enjoy doing.  But the more ideal person should have passion for the job.  When you have passion it becomes a game changer.  So today I want to discuss 5 Reasons Passion is Contagious and why you should have passion for your customer service work!  I have a day job, but I have a passion for customer service and that is why I’m here! 1.  Passion is Clarity – Passionate people tend to have clarity, a clarity that non-passionate people lack or don’t have.   When you become passionate in your work, it becomes what you focus on, what you dream about, talk about.  You begin to eat, sleep, and drink your passion.  We are all attracted or drawn to something.  Some of us are more drawn to certain things than others.  It can be politics, business, serving, or TV shows.   When you are passionate about something this then becomes your everything.  Your focus.  Your clarity.  When this is the case it is not difficult and doesn’t take much effort to care about your interest.  Passion takes all the work out of work and make it fun!  So, get on the right seat on the the right bus and things will be easier.  Are we clear on this? Good. 2.  Passion is Popular – Kent Julian, a speaking coach at Speak it Forward.com, teaches that you should end your speeches with, “As you can see, I am passionate about…”  Then you fill in the rest for whatever your topic might be about.  So at the end of my speeches I say, “As you can see, I am passionate about customer service”.   The reason he advises to tell people what they are passionate about in their work, is that people want to deal with and are attracted to passionate people.  Passion literally makes you popular.  Stop and think about it for a moment.  How much fun is it to hang out with someone who really doesn’t get excited about much?  Well, it just isn’t.  People are drawn to people who are excited about what they do for a living.  As a customer service person, when new customers eneter your area, they will be drawn to you like flies at a cookout if you have passion.  They will pick up on your energy, joy, and popularity!  You’ll finally get the recognition you deserve, you popular kid you! 3.  Passion is Exciting – My wife and I have a few shows that we enjoy together.  With 3 little kids it is our way to have an easy date, be together, and get a little entertainment while we are at it.  We enjoy watching America’s Got Talent or AGT as they refer to it.  We love to watch the show because we are looking for high quality acts.  Now the acts that do the best seem to have one common denominator.  What is that common denominator?  Passion!  They are passionate about what they do, their performance, their craft, dance, art, music, etc…..  Why else would they endure the long waits, tiring hours, and stress of the experience?  This passion, when well-rehearsed and delivered to an audience, spills out and leads to excitement.  Excitement that is contagious.  That’s what we are looking for.  People that have passion are exciting and fun to watch.  If you are passionate about what you do, you’ll be exciting to watch too!  Are you passionate about your customers?  Meeting a customer’s needs?  Well, if you are, then dealing with them will be exciting for you as well as the people watching you.  All I have to say is exciting!   "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." --Nelson Mandela  4.  Passion is Contagious – Do you have kids?  If you do,