Too Much Debt? Pump In some More Money! - 06/09/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank) has decided to annihilate savers, very much along the lines of Bernanke at the Fed. Even though it is plain for all to see that the Fed policies haven’t worked, Draghi has to have a go. Comment on the market and the ECB’s intention to see the markets goosed higher. In the U.S. beneath the surface, the stock markets have been a catastrophe with large numbers of IPO-stocks collapsing. A close look at why the economy is not improving. In fact, most people are doing much less well now than they did after the equivalent period subsequent to the Great Depression. I cite many statistics in support of that contention. Current stock valuations. The sad truth about shale oil deposits: they almost don’t exist. The absurd Fed meeting minutes. We appear to have reached “peak-motoring” in the United States.