The Wake Up Call - Sha Restaurant, Christopher Street R.I.P. - 03/31/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Thanks, Natasha, for failing to warn us that the Meet-Up Group could not meet yesterday because your restaurant had ‘gone under’. Adrian, our moderator, drove in from Massachusetts and one attendee traveled 5½ hours for nothing and our guest was standing by in Mexico to talk to us by phone. Way-to-go, Natty! Online shopping is putting the iconic mall to sleep. The open spaces are outdated so they cannot be repurposed. Developers are concentrating on Asia these days. We hear Alan Grayson in support of elections for independence in Crimea and for the Russian position. The real issue with obesity. The U.N.’s withering verdict on the U.S.’s human rights record. Sunday’s municipal elections in France, a disaster from President Hollande. The basic cause of societal collapse