Dark Meat 353: People, People Who Could Take Or Leave People

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Summary: Hello fans! And I call you fans to keep you at a distance. The theme of today’s show is ambiguous fellowship, if that makes any sense to ya. * Alice Cooper – Some Folks – Welcome To My Nightmare * Pink Floyd – Paranoid Eyes – The Final Cut * They Might Be Giants – Certain People (I Could Name) – Long Tall Weekend * The Kinks – Do You Remember Walter – Village Green Preservation Society * ELO – Mr. Blue Sky – Light Years * The Cowsills – In Need of A Friend – Best Of * Scott Walker – Plastic Palace People – Boy Child * Amanda Palmer – Runs In The Family – Who Killed Amanda Palmer The show is sponsored today by iPrint Technologies! Click on the logo now, and login with the name “krause” and the password “daniel” to get mighty fine deals on ink and toner, even printers.