DM 352: Love and Showbiz

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Summary: Grab bag time! This week’s show is a tasty mixture of bad love and good showbiz – a thing didn’t work out with a girl, but I did start rehearsals for both a play and a music video, so at least I’m of use to SOMEONE. Celebrate/mourn along with me! * Bob Crewe Orchestra – Love Love Love Drags Me Down – Barbarella Soundtrack * Randy Newman – The One You Love – Bad Love * Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed – Welcome To My Nightmare * The Kinks – Starstruck – Village Green Preservation Society * David Bowie – Cracked Actor – Aladdin Sane * Dramarama – It’s Still Warm – Box Office Bomb * The Beatles – The Ballad of John and Yoko – Hey Jude * Tom Waits – Straight To The Top (Rhumba) – Franks Wild Years * Bob Crewe Orchestra – An Angel Is Love – Barbarella Soundtrack The show is sponsored today by iPrint Technologies! Click on the logo now, and login with the name “krause” and the password “daniel” to get mighty fine deals on ink and toner, even printers.