Wake Up Call - Dead In The Water - 03/14/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: People simply believe whatever they’re told (about the economy) even if their personal situations tell them the diametric opposite. ‘Belief’ is a powerful force, initiated by Santa Claus. I explain in simple terms why economic growth – or recovery – is impossible. It is a very simple concept to understand but the media will do its best to prevent you from doing so. More on housing and the ridiculous ‘weather-related’ excuses for the poor showing in the housing market. The nightmare bubbling beneath the surface at the European banks. The grim reality is soon to burst forth. The recovery is alive and well – for the country’s millionaires who number an all-time high. A final comment on the housing market, due to collapse as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are ‘retired’. Comment from Bill Bonner. The absurd, outrageous and frightening militarization of the police. How the government creates phony numbers to keep debt and the system afloat. It’s doomed to failure.